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Day 2 - an udderly MOOverlous Holiday!

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Welcome to part 2 of our holiday!

During our swim on Friday we noticed a sign up for family photo shot in the pool – so we booked ourselves on. This was on Sunday afternoon which meant that Saturday had to be our “Day Out” day. The weather was lovely and as we have massive penguin fans (remember Moo's 3rd birthday & Olive's attempt to steal one this summer when we visited Longleat #dontask) we made our way to Living Coasts.


We went for a swim first and then by the time we arrived outside Living Coasts it was after 12:30. So we did this – have a walk around checking out all the animals – then we had fish and chips on the quay - then we went back in time for all the animal feeding. This was so good as the keepers did a talk and there was time to ask lots of questions – you can really see here the keepers passion and enthusiasm for the job which in my opinion makes the experience better. Moo loved this and thrives on factual based activities, especially to do with animals, he has wanted to be an animal doctor, penguin zoo keeper, vet since he was about 2! He LOVES animals!

The Living Coasts - Torquay's Coastal Zoo & Aquarium is a registered charity and conservation project. It was £32 for the 5 of us to get in on a family ticket (this was without gift aid and Olive was free). We spent 3-4 hours there, the children had an ice-cream outside near the otters and all had a treat (ALL PENGUIN based) from the gift store – you would have LOL'd at Olive filling a basket with a variety of items we managed to persuade her just to take a set of 3 penguin bath toys!

In the Aquarium part there was a portal and a very friendly Fur Seal who played with us for ages! This was a highlight for Daddy Moo! Moo loved the honking penguin who was swimming about unimpressed by visitors! Make sure you have some 20ps as there are a few machines dotted about where the kids are weighed against an animal. Olive was the size of a fish – a big fish ;) !


There was also the Great Gorilla Project on. We saw 4 of the Gorillas – there are 30 in total! There was also a mini one in the gift shop. They did this a few years ago in Bournemouth such good fun.


By the time we got back to the caravan it was 6pm and Megan wanted to go to the evening entertainment Fancy Dress Competition so we had dinner in the caravan (frozen pizza – super unhealthy day! Good job they had fruit and yoghurt for pudding!) It was another great evening of entertainment from the Parkdean Troupers – Megan got a lovely certificate for entering the Fancy Dress Competition. Daddy Moo and I partook and lost in a spot of cash bingo! We also took part in a music quiz where we came 2nd! I can't remember his name but there was a fantastic juggling act and Moo was called up to help! This made his day! We finally made it back to the caravan at 11pm and we were all SUPER tired!


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  1. The photos from the aquarium

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  2. We really enjoyed Living Coasts - a great day out!

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  3. It looks like you had a great time! I really want to get to The Living Coasts now!

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