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Day 3 - an udderly MOOverlous Holiday!

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As we were having a family pool photo shot on the Sunday we decided to make the most of what was on offer in the park. Despite a late night the Moo's were pretty much up at 7:30 raring to go! Unlike Daddy Moo and I who enjoyed some cider the night before! (The resort bars always have great special offers on we bought a jug of cider for £12.50 which was a bargain considering a pint of cider and a large wine had been nearly £10 so keep your eyes peeled!)

After some TV and toast in the caravan, I took the Moo's up to the Tot Stars club for under 4's. I was praying that it wouldn't be too young for M&M (6&5) but I wanted Olive to enjoy herself. There is free WiFi in the Broadway Club so I took my iPad for some catch up work. I managed to work on a few blogs over on The activities were based around stories (in preparation for that evenings Sid & Lizzie show) its a brand new for 2013 show “Fantasy Fables” – all 3 children had great fun making houses and 3 little pigs finger puppets. The staff were all really friendly and helpful the children had a great time. After an hour we stayed on for the Starlanders activities (4-10yrs) continued on the theme. There was a puppet story book which told a tale and the children had to go on hunts for things!

 three little pigs parkdean

First they had to find a gingerbread man. Imagine their delight when they arrived back with the gingerbread man toy to find gingerbread men biscuits ready to ice waiting for them! The they listened to the clues and found PinocchioMegan out of all of them loved making her Pinocchio spilt pin puppet! The last story was Jack and the beanstalk to which the children planted beans and being as Daddy Moo is a gardener this was met with a lot of excitement! The Parkdean Troupers did a great job with all the children and the activities! They were polite, friendly, approachable and fun! It really was a lovely morning and for me it was great to sit and relax with a coffee and some work – barking the odd instruction at the moo's!

After this it was 12:30 so we headed back up to the caravan for lunch as our photo shot was at 1! As the day was really sunny lots of families decided to go out for the day meaning that we were the only ones booked on! It was great we had the whole pool to ourselves and the Moo's enjoyed playing and posing! After the shoot and 30 mins of park playing we went back and spent another couple of hours in the pool! (we manged to agree after about an hour on 4 of the 20 odd photos to buy!)

Again that night we ate in the Patio Bar outside on the decking drinking wine, eating and the children played in the park it was lovely beautifully warm, dusky summery evening (especially considering all the rain we have had this week certainly feels like October now!!!). The Sid and Lizzie entertainment was a puppet show and it was REALLY GOOD!!!! I actually did get caught up in it for a moment – how they do it in those costumes is beyond me!

lizzie parkdean

We played cash bingo again – where I needed one number to win £89. After it was claimed the lovely guy decided to see what the next number would be 51 … yup you guessed it my number! ARGH!! To make matters worse, you know like rubbing salt into the wound they played a game later where you paid a £1 each. To cut a long story short you basically picked a colour and one of the troupers did a task against another, one was red one was black. We picked a colour – being clever in the first round Daddy Moo went red I went black … black won and it went on until only 2 people were left. Me and another lady! We had to pick boxes and find our associated colours I was red. Another picked black, I picked red, another picked black, I picked red, another picked red! All I had to do was pick a red to win … I picked a black :( Seriously how unlucky!!!!

The Parkdean Troupers then performed a show part of the Parkdean Live Programme the were AMAZING!!! After seeing them all day dressed as Sid and Lizzie, playing games and making stuff with the Moo's I was UDDERLY blown away watching them sing and dance! AMAZEBALLS! All 3 moo's sat mesmerised too!

Parkdean live

To conclude Day 3 was udderly mooverlous too!

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