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Halloween - spooky fun? Yay or Nay!?

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Halloween is one of my least favourite, and I use the term loosely, “holidays”. There are some aspects I enjoy more for the children and others I really detest! But I know I'm probably in the minority - what about you?

Pro Halloween -

Steph - “I think it's just a bit of fun and acceptable for young children. I think when teenagers knock on your door without costumes it's a bit more like begging but for the little ones to dress up in fun costumes it's fine. We take our 7 year old and nieces who are 11, 10 and 9 but only knock on the doors where the houses have a bit of Halloween decoration or we know the home-owner.”

I love it, its a bit of fun and sharing some community spirit. Our estate are really into it, the houses that are taking part put a pumpkin on the door step so we know which doors accept trick or treaters. We have a big party around some ones house with some spooky games, then we all walk around together, its such a giggle.” Elaine mummy to 3 

Against Halloween -

A few of my friends said they were against Halloween due to their faith and some said that it just didn't sit right with them ethically. For me some of the customs I find odd. We spend a lot of our time explaining to children about stranger danger then take them out once a year to trick or treat. We also teach them about healthy eating then collect up enough sweets to sink a small ship? Go figure.

In-between -

I love Halloween but not going Trick or Treating, so we have a party and invite a few of the kids friends and parents and all the kids (and me) dress up and we decorate the house and do games like 'wrap the mummy' with loo roll, pass the cauldron (cooked spaghetti and sweets to lucky dip for), feely boxes, apple bobbing, treasure hunt for quality street with torches after dark in the garden. For the parents I do pumpkin soup and serve wine and I do a little buffet of gingerbread skeletons, stripy jelly with worm sweets, etc. etc. As I’ve got twins it's almost turned into their second birthday party - it's manic but so much fun! We answer the door to trick or treaters and give sweets but by 9pm I lock the gate as I don't want teens calling really. Jessica Boston 

halloween skeletons

2012 Costumes from Poundland!

I'm a bit like this I don't like the whole trick or treating part so we don't do it nor do we have signs up outside or invite others to knock on our door (if any do we obviously do give some sweets). But at the same time the dressing up part of it is fun! We always make a Jack O Lantern (carve a pumpkin) and we normally go to a local Halloween disco. Then we have a picnic/buffet style tea with Daddy. Here are some food ideas if you are doing it at home!

  • halloween treats OliveM&S Spooky Skull Marshmallows (£1 for 150g bag) you could either have them in a big bowl (like we kindly did yesterday to ensure they were yummy enough to tell you about) or pour or dip in melted chocolate #Yummy

  • Jelly cups set with either bursting bugs or other jelly sweets is always a hit!

  • Hot Dogs in buns with tomato sauce or as we call them “Dead Man's Finger”

  • M&S Poisonous Scorpions (£2 for 100g bag) these are pickled onion flavoured scorpion shaped maize snacks (again we took the time to sample! #Yummy)

  • Spaghetti mixed with a spoonful of red or green pesto – delicious worm surprise!

  • Baked Potatoes with cheese and beans – brains!!!

If you are having a party don't forget that Charlie Moo's has a lovely range of handmade fabric skull and cross bone bags  perfect for popping in some nasty treats! There are some awesome free downloads on Twinkl as well these Halloween dot to dots  would make great activities or party bag fillers and are educational! #bonus


Twink dot to dot

So Halloween are you for or against?

What do you like to do with your children?

Do you have any fun craft activities or recipes?

Leave a comment I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. We don't do trick or treating - it's not really something anyone does where we are so that's fine! I am chair of the PTA and our Halloween party is one of the most popular events of the year! We go all out and make huge efforts with the decorations, this year we are making the local hall look like the interior of a haunted castle!! Everyone makes a huge effort with their costumes - there is a craft competition for the kids, last year we ran a community pumpkin carving contest! We run games like wrap the mummy (with loo roll) - spooky corners - bobbing for apples etc....then we all sit down for a Halloween supper! It's great fun and really brings the community together!

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