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We're going on a Fairy Hunt!

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We're going on a Fairy Hunt!

We're going to find 30 magic little doors .... 

Right STOP! We found 2 doors and a Post Office! Whoops! 

Living in the UK you have to sometimes just well give up on the weather. For a week we had been planning to go out to Furzey Gardens and as the Saturday arrived the heavens opened and Noah set work on building his ark! undeterred Kara (from Chelseamamma) and I packed up 6 children from 3mths to 6 years, with wellies, spare clothes and coats.  When we arrived it was absolutely tipping it down. BUT we were brave! Puckering up our stiff British upper lip we unloaded children from the car.  

Before we had even entered the Garden's they had found some puddles, took a moment and reconnected with their inner Peppa Pig! Splash Splash! 

Furzey Gardens November 2013 014

The gardens are stunning and very well maintained. As it was off peak there was no charge to get in - but a donation pot as you are leaving.  This also meant the cafe and shop were closed and there wasn't a soul in sight.  As Kara and I had never been before we had no idea where to go or where to look = distinct lack in finding fairy doors and 5 super muddy kids! 

Furzey Gardens November 2013 008

A tiny door!!! 

We had an amazing time! We found a house made of straw and as much as we huffed and puffed we couldn't blow it down!  We tried to catch some falling leaves.  We tried not to fall in the pond! And we squelched in some super boggy mud! After 10 minutes or so the sunshine came out and the weather was lovely! So glad we braved the rain! 

Furzey Gardens November 2013 028

This picture makes me so happy! Megan fell in so many muddy puddles even her knickers had mud on them! But look - still smiling! 

Furzey Gardens November 2013 047

A tiny house, covered in sparkly fairy dust. Shhhhh ... they will hear you!

Furzey Gardens November 2013 048

I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house in!

Furzey Gardens November 2013 055

I'd definitely return to Furzey Garden's it's only 20 minutes away and I'd love to find all the doors and climb inside this beautiful house! 

Furzey Gardens November 2013 001

 These beautiful glass leaves looked stunning as the sun shone through. You couldn't get inside as it was closed off but definitely next time. 


Whoops! A spot of mud!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

All pictures were taken by Kara - ChelseaMamma aren't they stunning! 

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  1. I had a customer only today telling me about the gardens. I am cannot wait to go, will let you know how my teenagers enjoy the fairies.

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  2. Brilliant! I was looking forward to reading a post following your persil challenge. I'm definitely going to take the boys on a fairy hunt. #CountryKids

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  3. You clearly both had a wonderful time. I love that last photo of all the kids with their mud, sign of a fun day and relaxed Mums! It looks like a great place to visit. Perhaps in spring with a picnic, I bet you could easily make a day of it, Great post for Country Kids, thank you for linking up.

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  4. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the kids loved playing with each other. New favourite story at bedtime is the three little pigs!

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