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5 Super Photo Gift Ideas

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With mobile & digital technology we take so many snap shot images everyday and it seems a shame almost to waste them. I remember when Daddy Moo and I were in Turkey we would save up 3 or 4 “films” and take them down to be printed in town in one batch as it was cheaper to do bulk and the cost of printing was so expensive. Then we would flick through 100's of printed pictures and throw out any that were rubbish – blurry, someones foot etc etc. Now it's easier to just store them on a USB stick or dropbox even the rubbish ones.

We have so many photos up in our house – I'm not ashamed to say I'm a proud parent! But just sometimes – framed images and canvas' can be a bit too much. Especially at Christmas time – there are only so many pictures grandparents can display of the moo's! One year we did use a photo of M&M in a bauble as a nice decoration. I normally do my brother a keyring with the school photos.

Here are 5 unique, personalised ways to utilise your bulging USB stick!

  1. A Photobook – Nanny Moo and I planned a day trip to London with M&M in the Summer (I really should have blogged about this!) We went via train, on the London Eye, walked across the bridge to see Big Ben. Moo had a poo in the Supreme Court (that's how we roll) – we walked through St. James' Park down to Buckingham Palace back up The Mall. Through the horse guards, up past Whitehall and back to SouthBank. I took A LOT of pictures! But what to do with them? Nanny Moo wouldn't want loads of pics and a USB stick wasn't very gift like! I was had some free credits with Truprint (for review purposes) and I used them to make a photobook. I must admit I am a wee bit tempted to keep it! It was so easy to design and I had the ability to edit every single page. I could have added titles, headings, text under the images but as most of the pictures were self explanatory I left it all wordless and I think it's fab! I went for the hardback cover, there is also a page in the back that we have stuck trinkets on – train tickets, London Eye pass. Moo has now added “photobook” to his Christmas List! (Prices range from £6.99 - £42.99 depending on size, shape etc.)Photobook 1

  2. i-pic customisable photoframes – These are so cute! I like that they are magnetic makes a lovely unique fridge magnet as well as a photoframe and that you upload the image in the creation process (so you know your picture will fit!) Thanks to Vicky at Single Mother Ahoy! for sharing! (RRP: £14.99)

  3. Bags of Love – Kara (ChelseaMamma) altered me to this site as they do an array of gifts using your images from pillows to duvet covers and aprons! Such fun ideas! I know Megan would adore a duvet cover with her own picture on!

  4. Picture Me Book – also via Truprint. I wanted to get Olive a special little book. We have so many toddler books that I hardly buy any now as we have moved onto Horrible Histories and Roald Dahl. I decided to use her cute little face to make this custom book “Cute As Can Bee” (RRP: £14.99) not only can she read it but she will have something unique to treasure and pass on to her little ones. I should probably have used a closer up image - but its still cute! cute as a bee

  5. Magnets – I love this picture of Theo and I last week at #SBSEvent2013 holding Crafting a Successful Small Business that I have decided to get it printed as a magnet so I can see it every time I open the fridge! Theo

(You will notice that the placenta infused in resin photoframe didn't make my top 5!)

Do you have any cool gift ideas using your images? I loved to hear them!

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  1. Olive looks really cute as a bee :) I've made my own photo calendar for next year.

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  2. You haven't included our books in your photo gift ideass!!! Want to review one?

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