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Breakfast with Father Christmas

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Having already seen Father Christmas - when we went ice skating in Bournemouth Gardens and then again at Messy Church and knowing that they are booked into the Lemur Landings Party I was keen to try something different.  I've been doing some social media work for The Mayor's Emporium in Boscombe, one of the charities they support this year is Diverse Abilities Plus and I've been stalking their Facebook feed.  I saw that our local garden centre (a 15 minute walk from us) was hosting their Grotto and doing a couple of Breakfast with Father Christmas - all profits to Diverse Abilities Plus - for £5 per child I decided to book the moo's in. (The Grotto is also £5 per child and needs to be booked in advance)

This morning we got up, dressed and at the garden centre of 8:30am!! I don't even make it to school on time! The tables were all decorated with crackers and napkins and we were greeted by a very friendly elf. 

breakfast with santa

Here is Olive and Charlie waiting for their breakfast

megan breakfast

As you can see it was a Full English! Beans, sausages,  scrambled eggs, waffles and toast.  Megan looks über pleased with her's. 

There was a bit of an issue with Father Christmas - reindeer problems apparently and instead of joining the children for breakfast he arrived just at the end. 

breakfast father christmas

He gave all the children a box filled with colouring, crayons and cake! 

father christmas 2013

We had a group photo done! (I'm taking the picture I'm not dressed as an Elf!) 

*note Pudsy Bear 2009 - Megan won him at a teddy tombola, I donated it to the school fete, Megan bought him for 30p yesterday! #karma *


Due to Father Christmas' delay they arranged for the children to go and see him in his Grotto, free of charge. 

Here's the outside. 

grotto collage

The Grotto is fab! Father Christmas spent a good 10 minutes with each family.  The presents were EXCELLENT! Moo received a dinosaur excavation pack (basically dinosaurs encased in clay which he painstakingly chiseled away at until they were free - hours of peace!)  It's also nice to think you have helped a charity raise much needed funds this Christmas too. 

For further details about John Browns Grotto and Breakfast with Father Christmas dates - check out their website and please do see what Diverse Abilities Plus is all about too.

If you have been to see Father Christmas and are Dorset based don't forget to add your details to our linky! 

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