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The Smelly Nose Saga

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About a month ago I started to notice a smell around Olive's nose.  It was intermittent and a bit like cheesy feet. She'd had a cough for a while and I thought nothing more of it. Until last week when the smell had been pretty much constant and she was having trouble sleeping, coughing and generally restless BUT she had no fever or signs she was actually poorly. Very odd, we saw a Dr on Tuesday who said she had a serious chest infection antibiotics were administered. By Friday the smell around her face was getting worse. Another trip to the Dr. who said her nose area was swollen appeared she had infected sinus too, keep taking antibiotics call if any changes. 

The antibiotics finished yesterday and the smell was insane, I couldn't go near her with out feeling sick. So today we took our third trip in 8 days to the Dr.  a different from previous trips who said. Has anyone looked up her nose?  Er.... No they haven't to preoccupied with her chest.  Quick look and yes there was  something in her nose! Off to hospital we go! 

The Dr'S were excellent 20 minutes later the item was removed and Olive was happy! Can you believe that for a month at least this has been rotting in her nostril. YET she never moaned or complained about her nose, that it hurt or was uncomfortable?


This is a piece of sponge off a painting dabbler. It is massive and stinks.

But thankfully Olive is already smelling better! 

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