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Good Toes, Naughty Toes - a ballerina story

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To look at me now you'd never believe that as a teenager I danced at all let alone ballet. But I did! In remembrance of these days my pointe shoes hang in our bedroom. For as long as I can remember Megan went on and on about having ballet lessons. "When you're 3" we'd tell her and one magical day it happened! Megan woke up 3! "I can do ballet now" she said twirling around in her new tutu.  DOH! Megan's birthday is August, Ballet was term time only! So what seem like another eternity (about 4 weeks) Megan patiently waited for her first lesson. 

megan ballet

How young does she look here! With a well loved Cinderella.

Megan has been going to lessons for 7 terms now (meaning this is our 3rd year!), she loves the whole aspect of ballet from the dressing up, the moves/skills/discipline and the storytelling.  Last Christmas aged 4 she was involved in her dance school's show. There were a lot of long days, hanging around. Meeting new people, learning new dances and performing 2 shows on stage. (Which is no mean feat! About 2 months later I gave a talk on that same stage to less people than she danced to!)  I think these sort of activities are great confidence boosters they also gave Megan a flavour of other dance styles - tap, modern, jazz. 

ballet show

There was no photpgraphy allowed during the shows, but I snapped this after of Daddy Moo giving Megan a bunch of flowers. She was over the moon and we such very proud parents. 

ballet workshop

Every September she also joins in with a ballet workshop - last year it was the Nutcracker and this year Sleeping Beauty. They learn part of a dance, talk about the story and find out backstage what it's like to be a professional ballerina.

This year Megan is old enough to take part in formal exams. It's an exciting time - I'm not sure whether she will want to dance forever or whether she is in fact any good! But what's important is that she has fun! Megan totally adores her teacher Miss Melinda - Academy Of Dance (teaching in Cranborne, Verwood and Christchurch). Miss Melinda has the right balance between being strict and disciplined along with being fun and caring. I have no doubt in my mind that Olive will one day join her dance school (3 isn't that long away! EKK!) As Megan goes to school in a different village as well she has made a lovely set of friends who are special ballet friends. I love that the children have friends at different places makes it easier for them to feel settled in unfamiliar surroundings. 

Lighthouse, Poole have the Moscow City Ballet Company performing Swan Lake (11th-13th February) and The Nutcracker (14th-15th February) who are currently celebrating their 25th anniversary. The company is brimming with some of Russia’s best young dancers, outstanding principals, stunning soloists and a sublime corps de ballet, all underpinned by the dynamic vitality of a live orchestra. 

moscow ballet

I'm debating whether to take Megan to see the Nutcracker. Is 5 too young? Will she understand what is happening? Will I?! Or will she just be so entraced by the music and the dance that she just won't care what is happening? I'd love to hear your thoughts? On ballet and dance in general and if I should take Megan to see it! 

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