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Crafting with Candles

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I've tried to make small changes in my life. One being to go to bed at a more reasonable time (ie before the next day!). I find even if I do go to bed early my mind is active and I can't sleep due to thinking. Having mobile devices with internet doesn't help as I find myself tweeting at 11pm when I really should be sleeping. I'm not a morning person you see so I really NEED to sleep! 

Firstly I've tried to stop using the iPad after 9pm but definitely after 10. I put it away then.  Secondly I've made the living room more tranquil and calming. I've stopped using all the lights and have started lighting candles - I have about 4/5 as this stops me needing a lamp but I'm not in complete darkness. Scented ones are lovely and I'm already starting to feel more peaceful - I'm starting to feel more restful at 10pm and not gone midnight! 

BUT! What is this thing with candles not melting completely? The wick ends and there's a puddle of wax! What a waste! I set about researching how to make a candle. This is the easiest and laziest way I've found.

  1. If the wax can't easily be removed from the container then pour in some boiling water and leave. This melts the wax and then brings it to the surface once the water and wax have cooled the wax will be on the top and you can just simply pull it out. 
  2. Break the wax into small pieces (I didn't and it took ages for some lumps to melt) and place in a glass bowl.
  3. Put a pan of water on the stove to boil, once its boiling place the glass bowl on top and turn down a little so it's simmering. (Black and white is arty not so you can't see how dirty the cooker is - I swear!) melting wax
  4. Prep the containers now - You can use anything I used a little chipped Poole Pottery tea-cup as it has a cute saucer and the empty jars the original candles had been in. I bought the wicks already coated and with the silver bases on. I placed the wick in the container then I used an open paperclip to hold the wick up - just to be sure the wick didn't slip in.

prep candle

5.  Once the wax was ready I used a ladle to spoon it in to the cup, then left to cool for several hours. 

6.  Find somewhere nice to pop your new candle and light! 

lit candle

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