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Is Reality TV Dead?

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Has reality TV died a slow and painful death? Remember back in 2000 when Craig won the first ever Big Brother and now he sells painting tools on shopping channels! Do ya!!? Weren't those the days (I was a wispy size 10 then) then the producers got savvy and realised there was money in this here random people talking cheese! And the flood gates opened ...

  • Pop Idol
  • Fame Academy
  • The Apprentice 
  • shipwrecked 
  • Love Island 
  • X Factor
  • Britain's Got Talent 
  • Come Dine with Me
  • Dinner Date

Seriously the list goes on ... now we have more upper class shows like Made in Chelsea however we like to balance this out with The Only Way is Essex where everyone says "Shu up" and has a spray tan.  

But then we viewing public got a bit bored and the producers twiddled their over large thumbs and come up with the mother of all ideas ..... sticking celebrities in the jungle and ask them to eat kangaroo balls! Way to go!  Celebrities seem to sell so I know lets teach them to dance (Strictly Come Dancing) no let's make it more dangerous. Teach them to Dance on Ice! 

 Im a Celebrity

So what do you think? Has reality TV died? Or is it still limping on through our TV Guides? Or do you think it's still new, current and exciting? 

I can't be the only person not to have seen Big Brother since that boy from the Welsh Valley's won!? Go Glan Glen Wales! What happened to you? 2013 saw the year that I didn't even watch The Apprentice or X Factor! I KNOW!! I filled my nights with crime thrillers and Casualty and guess what! I survived!  The formats don't change and with the ever growing need to # everything you can read on Facebook and Twitter the whole show without seeing one second. 

So I ask again - is reality TV dead?! 

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  1. Crikey - was it really 2000 when Craig won?! I do like a bit of reality TV but like anything I think it will go round in a cycle :) Thank you for linking to PoCoLo :) xx

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  2. Ailsa

    Noooooo! I love them ! Ok apart from TOWIE and Made in Chelsea... But Big Bro, I'm a Celeb, X factor, BGT etc. My evenings are for switching off from the day and watching rubbish. Reality TV fits that slot perfectly! I don't watch any soaps as I'm usually fannying around clearing up and eating dinner etc, but by 9pm I'm ready to flake out on the sofa and that's when all these programs are normally on. Perfect!

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  3. Rachel

    I switched off years ago. Let's face it, they really scrape the barrel with the 'celebrities' they drag up year upon year. I do usually watch the X Factor, but even that this year proved the point that it's not really a competition of talent, but is more about who is seen as 'popular'

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  4. Tanya Tucker

    The only one I watch is the voice. I can't stand big brother, towie or made in Chelsea. I'd much rather watch a good csi or even cbeebies!

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