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Times to Treasure #Review

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Did you know its only 7 weeks until Mother's Day already! So if you have been gazing adoringly at some hand casts or personalised silver jewellery you need to start getting the moulds taken NOW!! which means a) you get them done then tell your hubby he needs to pay £X or b) email him the link to this blog post - “hello husbands/boyfriends who have been emailed this!"

Last year the lovely Grainne from Times to Treasure asked me if I'd like to review some hand-casts. Well of course I said YES!!! I had a fingerprint charm done when Charlie was a baby and just never got round to having Megan & Olive's done.

We were invited to the Times to Treasure studio – Charlie quite happily took his mould like a trooper

 charlie hand cast

followed by Megan

megan hand cast

and Olive decided er … that she was NOT putting her hand into a bowl of goo!

This rubber mould stuff (or alginate is its more technical name!) is amazing! I did the whole mummy thing when a bit fell on the floor, but it literally turns to rubber and just peels off, clean and easy! The moulds are then filled with a fine plaster which is painted and varnished when it's completed.


Charlie and Megan helped to decide the colour of the casts, the style of the frame and if we wanted a gold plaque with their names and date. We went for gold casts left natural (so no black antique effect), a pine natural box frame and I decided not to have the plaque – this was because I hope later on (in the next few months) to add Olive's hand to the frame, but Grainne did kindly add a sticker on the back.

A casting session takes about an hour, then takes 2-4 weeks for the finished products. Sometimes longer at busy times – like Christmas, Mother's Day and Father's Day! I'm so pleased with how it has turned out it looks lovely now its wall mounted for everyone to see!

finished hand casts

Times to Treasure’s most popular cast is a framed hand and foot with engraved name and age plaque for a baby 6 months and under this is £125 although casts can be taken at any age. There is a choice of frames and finishes, a free standing Mother and child cast is £155 which is also very popular.

times to treasure

Grainne also works with silver making fingerprint charms and jewellery from her own designs – go have a peak on Facebook. For Christmas I received a Pandora bracelet and some beads – I'm definitely tinkering with the idea of hand print charms to put on this. 

I was so thrilled with the work that Grainne does at Times to Treasure that when we decided to have some silver charms put onto Megan's charm bracelet for her 5th birthday we knew exactly who to ask! She even gave them a clean! Can you imagine Megan's face when she saw this ...

charm bracelet

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