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  1. I seriously remember the good old days when things didn't seem to take at least a week longer to achieve.  Now I had decided months ago to apply for the Dorset Business Awards as I figured I have nothing to lose and lots to gain.  So for the last few weeks I have been beavering away on my application.  Then good old Daddy Moo came up with a great idea but one which altered the way I planned to enter the awards.  I had planned to submit it electronically.  Now Daddy Moo's idea was to print off the application roll it up and then pop it into a beautiful pre-filled fabric party bag with lovely seed tags hanging ... I could imagine it and it looked lush. So off to work I go.
    Set back .... my printer dies, well it didn't exactly die it has decided to only print out in electric blue. Not really the professional look I was going for!  But this also meant I couldn't print off or photocopy my Take A Break Article my only real supporting evidence (other than the pre-filled fabric bag)!! Argh .....
    Take a Break
    So what to do .... firstly I printed it off in electric blue (not a great look) then took it round to the local shop and photocopied it and it looked ok.  So job done now just the article.  Daddy Moo full of great ideas as per usual suggested I upload the scanned picture onto a USB thingy mibob and take it to the photoshop. 
    Ok so this is late planning but today Megan, Moo and I rush to the photoshop with the USB thingy mibob ...... only to find that the format its saved in means that the edges of the picture are missing ... ie. half the story!!!! Argh!!! 
    "Ok Mr Photoshop Man can you help??"
    " Yes, but it will take me all day can you come back tommorrow??"
    Noooooooooooooooooooo my application has to be TODAY! So I leave feeling gutted as they only had a black and white photocopier.  Right ..... M&M are now getting a bit fed up and I begin to think that I'm going to miss the deadline. 
    We head over to Grandma's for a moan and low and behold Grandma in her 80's pipes up about her super duper printer/photocopier that she has! What!!!! Anyway so Grandma saved the day and I managed to photocopy in colour my article and it looked fab! Better than the scanned version would have.


    Right kids back into the car and off we go to hand deliver my application ... so I arrive kids in tow in my mummy clothes suddenly feeling very unbusiness woman like. Argh .... luckily the very glam receptionist (who definately hasn't had two babies in two years!) pointed to a huge pile of envelopes and said 'Award Applications there'.  Which made me feel 100% better that I wasn't the only lame ass late person!!
    We get into the car and I sigh a HUGE sigh of relief and my beautiful angel Charlie Moo, my inspiration and number one fan says to me 'all done mummy? Now eat crispies!!'   
  2. A bit late I know but last Saturday the 1st of August my beautiful baby girl had her first birthday.  We had planned to have a lovely bbq with friends and family so imagine my disappointment when we woke to rain.  So we ended up inviting family for lunch and friends for tea relying on the George Forman and the oven to cook our meat! (and then to rub it in Friday and Sunday were glorious sunshine!)  Being as she only turned one Megan as oblivious to it all! megan1
    This is a photo of Megan in her jammies wearing her lovely tutu and just in the background you can see 'Lottie' her Cabbage Patch Kid wearing her tutu aswell. I had these made especially for them buy the wonderfully talented Emma.  She makes tutu's for hen nights, fancy dress etc ... this was the first time she had made them so small ... you can check her out on Facebook at Tutu's at Princess Palace.  Moo was saddened to find he was not the bearer of a new tutu but got over it quick when he was presented with a new Dino Push along!! 
    On her birthday Megan weighed .... 21lbs 5.5oz (fattie!!) and the competition was won by Michelle Thompson with a guess of 21lbs 6oz!  Congratulations to her and her pre-filled bags is on it's way! 
    Luckily after Megan's party mum suggested she take Moo home with her for a few days so Megan and I could have some girly fun time. Yay!! 3 days without Moo and guess what .. it rained everyday!! So we had indoor girly fun!! Then ironically today our first day back with Moo and the sun shone all day!!  After hearing the end of a converation last night Moo decided today he must have 'hot chocolate'. Now he has never had this before so I was dubious as to if he knew what it was.  We decided to go see the animals at Honeybrook Farm.  We saw the cows, ducks and pigs, did some pond dipping and then went to the cafe and bought a 'hot chocolate' not just any old 'hot chocolate' it was topped with marshmallows and cream! The three of us shared the cream and marshmallows yummy .. then came the actuall hot chocolate (which was now tepid) Megan loved it (she's a fattie sweet tooth) but Moo was bitterly unimpressed and asked flattly for his 'water please'! I did feel a bit sorry for him after hors of talking about 'hot chocolate' he didn't even like it!
    Right enough of my ramblings for today ... will blog better next week!