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  1. Still buzzing with excitement after another successful appearance on BBC Radio Solent, Laura and I trundled up to Kent for the launch of the fabulous book Mum-Ultrapreneur.
    I first met Susan at the Mumpreneur Conference last year as part of the first National Business Mums Week.  She gave a fantastic talk about SPARKLE the basis for her and co-author Mark Weeks book -
    Mum-Ultrapreneur.  We then started a love affair on Twitter ( @MumUltrapreneur if you aren't already following her) and I made a flippant comment about reading her book.  With in minutes a TOP SECRET pdf was winging its way to me! I couldn't wait to read it! As it featured one of my favourite mumpreneurs Vicky from Enhance-Me.
    I sent over some feedback which has been featured on the website for a while along with that of my good friend Saira Khan (Saira if your reading this ... party bags - talk to me!).  And to be honest I forgot about it.
    Of course Laura and I were more than happy to come along to support Susan and Mark at the launch it was a great opportunity to network (I am so pleased  have met Vicky from The Funky Fairy face to face and even though I asked her a bizillion questions she politely answered everyone!), we even got to eat cake from our very own Networking Mummy Heidi from Cherry on the Cake (small world) I was a complete frosting on the chin mess! .... but I was even more excited to find out I was in the book!!
    An actual BOOK - with pages and words!! (you can see I mostly communicate with a 1 and 2 year old!)
    You can see from my face I am soooooo excited!
    I'm sure your just dying to know what it says ... so here it is!
    "Mum Ultrapreneur is a must for any mum thinking or wanting to take the plunge into self-employment.  I loved the juxtaposition of the fictitious character Gemma, and her journey from her initial idea and thoughts, alongside the reality of other leading and well know business mummies thoughts and struggles.  The SPARKLE idea is fab! I love the simplicity of it and yet it really does get your grey matter working. … I only wish I’d read this a year ago when I was starting up, however this will be the basis of my business plan from now on!
    Such an easy to read book I thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Joanne Dewberry  and winner of Future 100 Awards 2009."
    Thank you for reading my ramblings!