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  1. Remember how I blogged about being rubbish at blogging on Charlie Moo's and conveniently linked it to my awesome Blogging for Business Booklet – see I'm good with SEO and keywords like that! It wasn't a ploy to sell at lot of copies! (although Half Term special currently £1.50 including P&P! #bargain ) it was in fact TRUE!

    I have been trying really hard to blog once a week and yes the other week was a small cheat as I just joined in with #PhotoOfTheWeek but in my defence the photo was AWESOME! Wayne Hemmingway Rules! 

    Back in October I blogged about Turtle Tots swimming lessons I wrote:-

    Recently I was offered a free course of swimming lessons for Olive from Turtle Tots Dorset a fab new swimming school in the Bournemouth area. I'm going to write a weekly diary about how Olive is getting on. This is a sponsored post as in I have received the lessons for free but the opinions, writing and pictures are mine alone and in no way influenced by Turtle Tots Dorset. Turtle Tots Dorset WILL NOT read the posts in advance and edit them in anyway. I intend to give a fair and just review of the lessons we receive – if you have any queries about anything I've written please do email me –[email protected] and for further information on Turtle Tots Dorset please contact Caroline Kelly - [email protected]

    Remember that? So did you read my weekly diary? It was excellent wasn't it … yes the blogging genius that I am couldn't even write a weekly diary!

    Best Reviewer EVER!!

    In my defence we LOVED the lessons so much, completing Level 1 with ease. We are now in our second term and Olive recently joined Level 3 such a little fish.

    under water Olive

    Olive's love of swimming got me thinking. Moo's love of pirates developed Pirate Moo  – Megan's love of princesses developed Princess Megan  BUT Olive after the failed competition  – was still a baby MOO. Hummm and driving home from swimming one day it struck me. Olive was my little MerMOO. MerMOO half cow half mermaid. I could so clearly see it in my head! It would be amazing!

    The first design wasn't really what I had envisaged but then my brief had consisted on half cow half mermaid! So Megan and I created this ….

    Megan & I MerMOO Design

    And the designer created this ...

    mermaid moo card


    I think you will agree that MerMOO Olive is a truly tremendous creation! Took a few tweaks for M&M to be satisfied and give it the MOO of approval! But I am so pleased :) 

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  2. Parties - you either love them or hate them, but once you have children there is no escaping them! I recently read an article claiming that the average cost per child of a party bag was an astounding £7.48! Quite what people are putting in their bags is beyond me. From my experience, the content is usually what we affectionately call 'landfill'. Another articles suggests that parents are now spending around £500 on children's parties, in a bid to make sure their child is no different to their classmates. The cost of an entertainer is in the region of £150 for an hour. Room hire in my own experience is around £60. You then have the cost of the cake, the food and the decorations. Gone are the days of having 5 classmates round after school for a birthday dinner and a game of pass the parcel! 

    So what does it take to make a good party? Well there are a number of things you need to consider, primarily the age of the child and how many friends they have! A farm party is always popular amongst the kids. Prices vary from around £10-£15 per child inclusive of food. There is no mess for you to clear up afterwards and you usually get a few adult places included in the price, so it's a win-win situation!

    Bowling parties are a favourite amongst the 6-7 year olds. Again, you usually have the option of having food there, so all you need to bring is a cake and maybe some party bags

    Charlie Moos Party Products

    A personal favourite of mine is a traditional tea party. We did this last year and it went down a storm. We invited 6 close friends round. We spent the morning making all sorts of cupcakes, tray bakes, and biscuits… you get the idea. We laid a pretty tablecloth out and we put cakes and biscuits on a lovely cake stand. We hung bunting up and we had gorgeous handmade party bags for our guests to take home. It was slightly different to the 'norm' and all the girls loved the idea, I would definitely do this again. The cost was relatively small. If you do not have a vintage style tablecloth, you can pick one up quite cheaply. I have had my cake stand for a number of years now, but you can buy them for around £5 in most budget stores now. If you make your own cakes, you can keep the cost down. We didn't bother with sandwiches, we went for the full on sugar rush, but even so, food would not cost a huge amount. Bunting can be done cheaply or a little more extravagantly depending on your preference. You can get plastic, paper or fabric bunting. Our party bags were bought from the lovely Charlie Moo's. Each bag is handmade and then you have a variety of options depending on your budget. The fillers are good quality and the kids were genuinely excited when they saw them. 

    Hiring a church hall or village hall is quite a flexible option. When the children are younger, you can simply take some bigger toys to fill the space, i.e. a small slide, little trikes and giant building blocks. Some people hire small bouncy castles and you will find some halls that will allow them to be put up inside the hall. As the child gets older and you find yourself with 20 classmates on your hands, it may be wise to hire a professional entertainer. Not such a cheap option, but it usually guarantees a smile on the faces of most of the children! We brought in a few garden toys - bouncy dog, trikes, small seesaw and we shared the party with a friend. My friend and I shared the cost of some face paints and spent 2 hours attempting to paint around 20 toddlers! We did traditional finger food, which can be found cheaply in most supermarkets these days. We had pass the parcel and we made our own birthday cakes. We gave each child a book, a slice of cake and a balloon to take home. 

    Rather than attempting to keep up with whatever the other children are doing, I have found the best thing to do is decide how much you have to spend, and then give a couple of suggestions to your child as to what they can have. We were left a little in the lurch last year when a friend suddenly pulled out of a shared party with only a couple of weeks to go. With a hall, an entertainer and all the trimmings, this was a very costly experience for us. However this year, we are simply taking our little one and 2 close friends to the local theatre to see a show, then dinner out afterwards. 

    The priority is your child and their enjoyment as well as your purse strings!

    Rachel Whitelock  - Freelance Writer and mum of 2