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  1. A few weekends ago Moo, Megan and I packed up the car and sold our old toys at a nearly new sale .... sadly between 3 children I only manged to get them to part with 3 teddies! We are living in a house full of teddies. It doesn't matter where in the house I am there's a teddy there - staring and mocking me! Toilet .... small care bear on the radiator. Kitchen ... some kind of racoon type creature. Hallway ... Bronson the monkey.  I can't escape! 

    teddy ... what i think

    What I think Megan's teddies should look like ... 

    really look like

    Reality ....

    Megan's are worse as she's a wriggler and on bottom bunk there are piles of them on the floor! I thought I'd buy her a teddy hammock ... however at nearly £10 for one net I decided to give it a whirl and make my own.  I've plenty of fabric and managed to find a spare hour (just!) and ran one up.  I searched and searched the net for ideas and I'm not going to bore you now with a step by step account of how I made it as there is a MOOverlous tutorial over on The Better Nester  - mine varied slightly in that I used cord left over from when I made drawstring bags and as it's on the bottom bunk have no hanging material or cord that could cause an accident. But here it is ... 

    teddy tidy homemade

    Ta dah ....

    I think it looks fab and so does Megan and better of all the teddies have not moved since Sunday ... phew!!! 

    Have you any crafty projects or tutorials to share?? Please do leave a link in the comments below! 

  2. I must admit I am very opinionated and have strict views when it comes to raising my children. It doesn't mean I'm perfect or get it all right now that would be novel.  One of my beliefs which I get a bit stressed about is the eating habit of a child. 

    I firmly believe that children should eat meals sat at a table with a knife and fork, with adults and enjoy the same a meal.  Charlie and Megan are excellent eaters they don't like everything But they always try.  They don't snack much and when they do it is a healthy option, we do have sweets and treats but not everyday. Puddings are a only given once the meal is finished ..... It's a sense of pride how well they eat. We know we can go anywhere they wwill eat and behave.  

    Then you have Olive ....She's a grazer, snacker, crap magnet.  She only likes apples and grapes, toast not bread, red peppers and chocolate.  Healthy. We are 18months in baby weaning and I fear it's getting worse!  Give her her dues she does try food, just rarely likes anything. Or we have stages where she loves something recently yogurt then after months won't touch it.  

    Youd think with 4 excellent role eating models we'd have cracked it by now. Right? But no such luck! Olive is the stubbornist child you have ever met, she would starve.   

    I homemake most meals including our own pizzas which she loves as she enjoys cooking. I love my slow cooker so have become a dab hand at hiding vegetables. But I'm running out of ideas on how get her to eat! Suggestions .....