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  1. silent sunday chocolate

  2. I've been thinking about making a Fairy Garden with the children for a while now after seeing a few on Pinterest.  I collected up a few bits and pieces - a fairy, some soil, a large tray to home the garden and a bag of stones.  Then I sent Daddy Moo & Nanny C out to buy a few plants. All in all we spent roughly about £5 as most of the items we had. 

    I decided to start the garden now as I'm sure during the summer holiday it will grow and grow as we collect more trinkets, shells and rocks. It also gives meaning to some of these collections as I sometimes find we get home and I don't know what to do with half the New Forest or Bournemouth Beach at least now we have the Invertebrate Hotel and Fairy Garden to be adding too. 

    Firstly we filled the bottom of the tray with a thin layer stones and then soil. We postitioned the items so we could get an idea where to dig a hole.  

    Fairy Garden

    After we planted the main plants and little tin bucket - the children placed the stones, figures and shells in the places they wanted and I added some stones as a little pathway.  Moo enjoyed this as much as Megan did and is excitied about hunting for items.  Olive, on the otherhand has been moving the gnomes about and annoying Megan a bit!! 

    And here it is ..... 

    Fairy Garden 2

    I'll post more pictures over the summer as it changes. 

    If you have made a Fairy Garden then please do link to it in the comments below :) I'd love to see. 

    This is an entry into The Magic Onions Fairy Garden Contest 2013