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  1. If you follow me on instagram ( @CharlieMoos) you will know that we went on a 4 day mini break to Disneyland Paris. In itself it was completely magical! But for my first ever Magic Moments I thought I'd share an Olive moment.

    Olive HATES mascots! When we went to Peppa Pig World Suzie Sheep made her cry and squeal and she's never forgotten about it. For weeks I've talked to her about meeting Minnie Mouse, what would you say, are you going to give her a kiss etc. etc ... trying to make the situation less scary!  On Friday we saw Smee - and she was not impressed! The pics are hilarious! She wouldn't even entertain Pluto on Saturday so things weren't looking good. As we walked past the Wishing Well I gave the moo's a handful of change and suggested they make a wish. Megan who is unable to keep a secret was keen to hear her siblings wishes. 

    "I wish see Minnie Mouse!" Olive shouted excitedly and as if by magic as we turned the corner there she was! We queued for about 25 minutes and just as it was our turn Olive decided that she wasn't really up for this! M&M ran over and hugged Minnie straight away I snapped a few pictures and with the assistance of Daddy Moo she made her way over. After the first wobble she was soon dishing out hugs, kisses on the nose and even told Minnie Mouse she loved her! Too cute! 

    olive and minnie

    Note her cute new haircut too!

    moos and minnie

    and Nanny took a family snap too! We weren't too sure who Duffy Bear was but he was soooo fluffy! Great for snuggling!

  2. Do you remember before Christmas when I put the world to rights about flavoured coffee?  Evil stuff! Well the lovely guys behind Beanies have a new product on the market which they asked us to test. A yogart maker. I must admit I was HUGELY sceptical but I'm always game for a laugh and M,M&O love yoghurt!  

    yogart maker

    When it arrived I was surprised how simplistic the kit was, I literally received 6 flavour sachets, a tub with lid that fitted into the maker, and said maker which is kinda like a Tupperware box with a plug on (but in there is where all the magic happens!) .

    It's so easy to make that I now rope Moo into doing it! Here's his video – do leave him a thumbs up or comment this is like major stuff to a 6 year old!


    We have had the lemon, strawberry and apple and pomegranate flavour. It's thick, creamy and really tasty. We've eaten it plain, with fruit or cereal and although it states the pot can last 7 days in the fridge ours doesn't make it past day 3! I normally make mine in the early evening so it “matures” overnight – means I don't get a nagging child for 8 hours waiting for their yogart!

    The starter kit starts at £20 which is a really good value and the flavours start at £11 for 5 which overall makes it completely comparable to buying yoghurt in the supermarket.