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  1. I'm currently conducting a survey about parties - I haven't been too surprised by the responses. I think most people appreciate the time and love that goes into making fabric party bags and are prepared to pay for that. However, I was surprised by the amount of people who said they "couldn't afford £1.95 for just the bag once they filled them" which got me thinking.  As parents we have a tendency to put our emphasis on the contents and therefore spend pennies on plastic or paper bags. When actually a fabric party bag is the gift. In reality after providing the party itself all you need to pop in the bag is cake, bubbles and maybe a wooden ball game.

    At Charlie Moo's HQ we have plenty of fabric party bags around the house so here are some of the things Charlie, Megan and Olive use them for.

    trinket bag

    1. For storing little girls trinkets - hair bobbles, nail polish, jewellery. A little girl needs somewhere to keep all her treasures safe - with the added handles you can hang this bag on the back of a door up high for supervised, special use. 
    2. Role Play - in our little home corner/shop area we have a few bags hanging up. They make perfect handbags for mini mummies or for carrying a couple of wooden carrots.
    3. If you don't want to keep them - they make excellent gift bags for passing a present on to other children and/or adult. 
    4. Pencil Cases - they work well in an office hanging off the wall full of pens, pencils, rulers etc etc ... giving you a clear work space.
    5. For long trips in the car - they are a handy size to pop all your child's entertainment items in and they don't take up loads of space in the footwell. You can even hang them on the back of the passengers chair and they are light enough not to annoy anyone, keeping them in easy reach. 

    long car journey

    What ideas do you have to reuse fabric party bags?

  2. Not surprisingly as Daddy Moo runs his own gardening business, but we like to garden.  There is nothing better in the Summer than picking an apple off one of our trees and popping it in the kids lunch boxes. Or strawberries, cherries and raspberries for dessert - after a main course which contained carrots and potatoes of course!  

    At the end of Summer 2013 while we were plowing through 50 things to do before you're 11 3/4 the lovely guys at Family Camping Reviews sent us a box of fab outdoor goodies. Due to the poor weather we are just starting to take advantage of.  Last week the sun was shining and the windows open it was finally beginning to feel a bit like Spring so Olive and I (mainly Olive) planted some seeds - 4 types of alien invasion and Brian the Brain!

    olive kits

    olive gardening

    These kits are so easy to use. 

    1. Wet the soil disc until it expands, spread across the bottom of the container
    2. Add your seeds
    3. Pop the lid on top and place on the window sill
    4. Make a label so you know what is inside!

    You can really easily make mini greenhouses without the need to buy a kit. 

    Make your own mini greenhouse :-

    1. You will need a tray - a vegetable punnet like mushrooms come in or a lovely lidless tupperware pot will work too. You might need to drill/poke a few holes in for drainage. 
    2. Fill with soil
    3. Plant in your seeds - keep an eye out in Poundland/99p stores as they have packets in there a fraction of the Garden Centre price. 
    4. You will need a clear thin plastic lid to place on top to create a green house - grapes and plums normally come in clear punnets, you may have to cover any holes with cellotape so that the heat doesn't escape. 
    5. Make a label so you know what's inside and wait :) 

    Will let you know how we get on!