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  1. This Summer something unexpected happened.

    Our beautiful Grandmother died.

    Suddenly falling ill.


    Then gone.


    It all seems so unreal.

    The children didn't attend the funeral. I'm still not sure how we all managed it.

    Grandad lost the mother of his daughters.

    His wife of 63 years.

    His best friend.


    At the wake the great grandchildren, grandchildren, daughters and Grandad released 10 balloons with messages on them into the sky. In a time of such sadness it was a beautiful moment and one I shall treasure forever.

    This is the first time we have experienced death as a family. I shall write about this more later and how we dealt with it right or wrong. But I wanted to share the letters the children wrote and we had placed in Grandma's coffin with her.


    Olive drew a picture as did Megan.

    Megan also made a green loomband bracelet as green was Grandma's favourite colour.

    I added 2 pictures one of the children and one from DisneyLand as this is the only recent picture I could find with all 5 of us on .. oh and Minnie Mouse!

    Moo decided he wanted to write a poem, after a few days and lots of chatting he was happy.

    He spent ages writing in his neatest handwriting.

    I felt so proud.

    The letters were all tied up with string.

    letters to grandma

    Grandma I miss you

    I bet you miss you to

    I will miss cuddling you

    I will not be sad and blue

    You were the best Grandma

    lots of love

    Moo xx