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  1. Last February I took Megan to see Moscow City Ballet performing The Nutcracker and although neither of us knew what was happening we had a lovely time. There is something extremely magical about ballet. The story unfolds and captures you in a way that is hard to describe. This year along side The Nutcracker, Moscow City Ballet was performing the world’s most famous love story Romeo and Juliet set to Prokofiev's dramatic score, a masterpiece of 20th century music (and who knew that this score is actually the music used in BBC's The Apprentice?! Not me! I kept thinking I know this! Dumm dumm dumm de dumm). All the hustle and bustle of Renaissance Verona is brought to life in this powerful production. The ballet follows the fate of the star-crossed teenage lovers from their first meeting to their untimely and tragic death. There is a lot more character based acting in this ballet and the male dancers who make up Romeo's gang were amazing! Although the 6&7 year old girls sat with me were a bit concerned about being able to see their bums!

    romeo and juliet 2

    Megan dances with Miss A from Life of Spicers and we thought a trip to the ballet on a school night would be a lovely treat. Both were excited and non stop chatting. We arrived at Lighthouse, Poole and took our seats the two of them fidgeting about with ants in their pants and it soon became apparent this was a sold out show full of ADULTS! However as the curtain went up and the orchestra started to play the two sat their completely transfixed I've never seen them so still.

    Moscow City Ballet’s exceptional repertoire combines artistry, technique, narrative and live music to provide a truly breath-taking production. What was lovely for both us parents and the girls was that so many adults commented on how well behaved they were. And asking them questions were they enjoying the ballet? “do you go dancing” “I used to come to that ballet with my mum”. I must admit I'd been a bit slapdash about the show and not really looked into much detail so imagine our surprise when the curtain fell for a second interval! Considering the show ended at 10:30pm the girls did incredibly well and can't wait to go and see another!  

  2. Lelli Kelly the cutest shoes oh yeah!

    Or something like that! Megan like all little girls was desperate for a pair of these must have shoes, with added accessories! When Charles Clinkard contacted us asking if we would be interested in reviewing the website in return for some shoes well I couldn't say no. When I first opened the Charles Clinkard site my toolbar straight away notified me to login to TopCashBack and earn cash back through purchases. As the shoes are on the higher price end this is a really nice feature. The site is really easy to navigate and the refining search facility works really well. I was able to select Lelli Kelly, girls, size 10 and display just the shoes suitable and in stock for Megan. There is nothing worse than picking a shoe and finding it's not available in your child's size.

    lelli kelly

    Megan choose a boot style trainer with laces but also a zip up the side, which being as she's not mastered laces yet is a great added feature. Delivery was really fast our Charles Clinkard ordered arrived a day later. Megan was ecstatic to find a bracelet with eye shadow inside the box! Bless her!

    The Lelli Kelly shoes themselves are gorgeous. These were adorned with beads, flowers and butterflies. I don't really feel like they are designed for everyday use (scooters, climbing etc), having said that Megan wore them on a few days out (such as Paultons Park and The Robin Hood Festival) which wasn't really hard core on the shoes and after a few hours the zip would struggle to stay up and start to annoy her. Being as her feet are still growing I don't want to reserve shoes for best and then find they don't fit anymore, but these definitely don't withstand daily use. I think they style of the shoe didn't really suit Megan's feet or walk and if I were to buy another pair of Lelli Kelly's I'd go for velcro canvas shoe. The soles were really hard wearing though.

    hula hoop

    Really good for hula hooping! 

    As for Charles Clinkard I would definitely buy shoes from there again. They have a super easy returns policy as well which can take the hassle out of online shopping and a great range of women’s shoes including Joules, Fitflop and Dr. Martens.  

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