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  1. Moving into a new home is expensive as I'm finding out I don't seem to like anything!

    Bathroom hate all bar the lovely shiny taps and sink! Kitchen currently in pieces so half love half hate! Hallway awful can't wait to get stuck in! The children's bedrooms are the only rooms where I feel finished but they are likely to change more often than major work like the kitchen.

    The girls were keen when we moved to have a Disney Princess themed bedroom with the emphasis on Frozen. Knowing they would quickly grow out of a themed bedroom we decided to paint 2 walls a hot pink and 2 walls a bold blue. We hung a framed large Frozen poster on the wall (which can later be replaced if so desired) and bought duvet covers in 2 different Frozen styles. With the décor we looked at what items would grow with the girls meaning we wouldn't need to redecorate in a while. We went for a neutral coloured hard wearing carpet and other than their toys the majority of the décor will last them way into their teens.

    Here are a few tips :

    • Go for plain lined curtains. We made the mistake with Charlie's room of not checking whether they were lined and thus had to buy some curtain lining which you just hook onto the curtains. It makes a huge difference to the light and warmth in the room and were a great investment as I don't envisage needing to replace his curtains when he is a teen.

    • Use ditsy floral prints, polka dots, stars and hearts, bold colours or geometric patterns on accessories such as scatter cushions, throw blankets, storage boxes and rugs. This will save you pennies as these will match numerous themes and styles as they grow older. kids_bedrooms1_500x354  Bettaliving has a great range of accessories

    • Use canvases and framed posters to create a theme these can be replaced easily unlike a huge wallpaper mural.

    • Invest in the beds. Having a good quality bed and mattresses which the girls can grow with was really important. We have bunk beds which can be used as two single beds should the girls decide they no longer want this set up. Made of wood and metal means we can paint and respray them should the girls so desire.

    • Wall Stickers are another great way to change the whole look of the room on a on relatively low budget – we just decorated Charlie's with glow in the dark stars.

    Used his #planets rug to put them all in order #universitygames #easter

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    What tips do you have for decorating your children's bedrooms? 


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  2. There is still so much to do in our garden and I think it won't be until next year when it will start to feel finished. But one thing this spring that has been paramount for the children is to encourage some wildlife into the garden. It's so easy to do and doesn't have to be expensive if you look at what you can recycle around you. 

    Nest Boxes and bird feeders 

    We made a couple of nest boxes from milk cartons and sticks – you can see the full tutorial on Wayfair.

    wayfair banner 3

    We also added a few bird boxes and bird feeders from the Wayfair range. Bird feeders can hang pretty much everywhere. We planted a post into a bush and bung a few from there to deter our cat from climbing in the trees and chasing birds. You can also make your own bird feeders using lard and fir cones like we did with the Dorset Wildlife Trust.

    Making a lard & fir cone #birdfeeders (or as Megan said lamb & fur cone ekkkk) @dorsetwildlife

    A photo posted by Joanne Dewberry (@charliemoos) on


    Our neighbour has a lovely pond and we keep finding a few frog escapees in the garden. So Daddy Moo and Charlie used a redundant washing bowl and some rocks to make a small pond. We are hoping to get a bit of frog spawn in there.


    @DorsetWildlife Charlie (7) just built this it's going to be a wildlife pond (it's small but beautiful)

    A photo posted by Joanne Dewberry (@charliemoos) on

    Bug Hotels

    invertebrate hotel homemade

    In our old house we had a lovely invertebrate hotel (above) made from a massive wooden wine rack and odds we found out and about. For Charlie's birthday we bought him a ready made one from Morrisons (think it was £3) to get us started. Charlie is working on a project at school to build one. You literally can use anything from old pallets to wine racks – anything that has a stacked shape, with holes you can place things into, such as rocks, moss, shells, broken pottery and bamboo etc. is going to be a winner.

    Hope our bugs can't read!! #bughouse #gardens #wildlifefriendly

    A photo posted by Joanne Dewberry (@charliemoos) on

    Planting flowers

    Flowers don't just look pretty but they also attract a plethora of insects – bees, butterflies and caterpillars. Kew Gardens are currently giving away free packets of wild flower seeds.  If you don't have any flower beds then use plant pots - remember you can recycle pretty much everything as long as you add drainage holes and some small stones - old wellie boots, car tyres, plastic containers, china teacups, buckets.

    What plans do you have to make your garden wildlife friendly this summer?  

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