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» Listings for December 2015

  1. It always makes me chuckle when the most wanted toys for Christmas list rears its ugly head. It's never a true reflection of our home and I always heave a heavy sigh of relief that I won't need to be hunting high and low for these out of stock items! I can't wait to see Charlie's face when he sees the weather station we got for him! If like mine your children are outdoorsy and adventurous then I have complied the perfect list for you.

    1. Bird Watching Set : £12.99 from Wild and Wonderful you can read our review along with our top tips to see how to make your garden friendly to birds. The kit has everything you could need including a handy notebook.  bird watching kit

    2. Fairy Door and mushrooms : I love this set from Garden2You at £34.99, it is such a cute idea! When we go out in the forest we are always looking for holes in trees and mushrooms signifying that fairies are near. Megan also has fairy garden she built the mini mushrooms will look lovely in it. The larger mushrooms make great stand alone ornaments. Now just to decide where to put the door! (Discount Code: CHARLIE10 enter this code at the checkout to receive 10% off your order from Gardens2You)

    3. Bug Safari : Using our top tips and this bug safari set (£9.99 from Interplay) you will soon have a plethora of bugs in the garden! interplay bug safari
    4. Butterfly World: What child wouldn't want to rear their own family of butterflies from super hungry caterpillars, watching the whole life cycle before their very own eyes. This set from Interplay is £12.99 and opens up to lots of exploration of caterpillars and butterflies.

    5. Birds Wings : Although we haven't got these out to play yet I know they will go down a treat on our adventures at Avon Country Park. I will do a write up of how I made them but in the meantime there are loads of great tutorials online which I cobbled together to make these! Lol! If you aren't crafty like me though Wild and Wonderful does have some great Design your own bird wings at under £20.


    All you need now is a back pack, snacks and some comrades to begin a most excellent adventure.