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  1. flowerpot fairy interplay

    For Christmas Megan received some toadstools and a fairy door and after a bit of weeding it had become quite apparent that with all the decorative items we had well and truly grown out of the tray housing her fairy garden. I decided to donate my flower border which was in need of some TLC to the girls as their new fairy kingdom.

    Fairy Garden 2

    Megan's tray Fairy Garden circa 2013

    The girls started by clearing out all the dead flowers, leaves and gave the soil a good turn over.

    digging a fairy garden

    Charlie choose a lovely nobbly piece of wood from Nanny C's wood store, she recently had a log burner fitted so wood is a plenty! Megan decided where to put it and we propped the fairy door up against it. We had quite a few packets of wild flower and snapdragon seeds which were sown and a few pansies from Messy Church which the girls planted. I think a couple of mini trees would look great too!

    We kept one pansy over to plant in this awesome Fairy Flowerpot from Interplay. I love the door on the outside which reveals a little fairy!! The pot did come with mustard seeds but we decided to plant the pansy instead. Olive layered the bottom with small stones to help with drainage and then filled it with soil after loosening off some of the roots (so it's not a matted lump) she placed it in a small hole she had dug. At £9.99 it's a reasonable price and great addition to your garden or can be used for indoor use too, although it didn't come with a tray so you will need something to rest it on.  

     fairy flowerpot

    The girls then arranged all their gnomes, toadstools and coloured glass stones, plus a couple of mirrors as water ponds, they also dug a hole placing two tin buckets in. These look great and fill with water and bugs, which of course the girls love!

     fairy garden 2016

    I've vanished the bird boxes the children decorated during the half term holiday at Wyevale Garden Centre so I'll put one of these on the fence low enough to still be in Fairyland!

    bird houses

    The best thing about fairy gardens are that they develop over time. You can always add new plants, special rocks from the beach or a bit of sparkly magic!  It's also a fantastic resource for learning about plants, how to grow and look after them and the fairies add an element of role play too! 

    Interplay have a large range of Fairy Garden products which can be bought from Interplay and Amazon

    Megan is also currently waiting with baited breath for a Green Blue Peter badge, she sent them a poster on how to design a tray fairy garden. She isn't very patient so hopefully it won't be too much longer! Exciting! 

  2. cabinet finished

    Charlie like any small boy of 8 has collected a lot of “treasures” in those 8 short years. We recently upgraded his small bookcase to a larger one but he still needed a bit more space. Daddy Moo had an old cabinet he had inherited it was pretty ugly which he let Charlie and I loose on! Firstly I removed the weird wooden decoration on the top which sadly revealed 3 great big screws. Daddy Moo filed them down but the top still looked horrid.

    before cabinet

    Charlie began to sand down the wood which had quite a few layers of pink, white and cream paint on. We painted the cabinet with a chalk paint in grey and the hinges and handle I painted with black Rust-Oleum painters touch. All bits we already had in the cupboard.

    cabinet making

    The finished touches came when Charlie and I randomly found a pack of 4 animal sliver metal bottle tops £2.50 in the charity shop. We removed the cork and glued them over the top of the holes. Daddy Moo hung the cabinet on Charlie's wall so he can access his treasures from his high sleeper bed and they are out of the way of little girls *cough* called Olive *cough*.

     cabinet after

    Charlie : I enjoyed painting it. I'm really proud of how good it looks.

    I don't know about you but I think it looks fantastic!


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