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  1. This year we have had a lot of changes to after school clubs, which has been both hectic and nice! Olive decided after Christmas to stop dancing and start horse riding. Megan waved goodbye to Beavers and started weekly swimming lessons (and nailed level 3 in 4 weeks!) and both Charlie and Olive moved swimming levels at the same time. The most significant change was the decision to move to a different dance school. After 5 years it was really difficult but after a few sessions at her new school Megan is like a different child. Enthusiastic and excited about dancing and most importantly smiling! I'm also amazed at how fast she made new friends and how brave she was, 5 years in one place is such a long time.

    megan ballet sugar plum fairy

    Megan in the dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies 2014

    When I heard that Lighthouse, Poole had the opportunity to watch a class with Birmingham Royal Ballet I knew Megan would love it. It was funny to see the ballerinas wearing ballet clothing, rather than elaborate costumes and and tutu's. They began with barre work which Megan could easily identify with and moved on to floor work, with lots of leaping! I thought she would love it but she was more amazed that as professional dancers they still did technical classes! I think she thought that once you did shows you didn't have to warm up or keep practising, so this was a major revelation to her!

    You aren't allowed to take any photos and it really was a special thing to watch. I must admit I rarely have a clue what the ballet is about but it's such a treat to take Megan to watch it. The Lighthouse, Poole regularly has dance productions on so do check them out.

    Wondering what to do with your child's first ballet shoes? Inspired by Made by Me Craft Parties I framed Olive's first pair (and yes now I need to find Megan's!). I bought a little box frame from Wilko for £3. I decided to back the shoes on something significant. In the ballet show 2 years ago Olive, aged just 3 danced to “You got a friend in me”. I found the sheet music free to download and printed it out. I took the glass and back off the box frame and moved it around the paper with the shoes on until I felt like I had it just right. After cutting away any excess paper I printed off her name and glued this on. The shoes are just placed in the frame, I didn't want to ruin them by attaching them with glue.


    Viola and here is the finished article hanging nicely in the girls room. 

  2. Being the mother of 2 girls we like pretty things, however being the mother of a boy and 2 dirty girls we like gardening, getting messy and well just enjoying the outside. You might remember last year Charlie buried an old washing up bowl in a flowerbed to create a mini pond. Whilst clearing out some leaves a few weeks back we actually discovered not one but 3 frogs! Not sure how they all fitted in there! But it certainly made Charlie happy!


    I decided to make a couple of pretty decorations to hang off our bird feeders with the girls. I'm not sure what to call them? Wind Socks? Fabric Chimes? It was such a simple things to do. Using Daddy Moo's trusty bonsai wire I made a circle and collected up ribbon, twine, pipe cleaners and some beads. I love raiding the craft cupboard and this craft is great for using up those odds and ends left over from other projects. 

    wire socks

    We threaded the beads onto some wire and I twisted those onto the circle plus another bit of wire as a hanger. Although the wire is super soft I wouldn't advice letting the children do this. You can add as many threaded beads as you like. After this I covered the wire in floral tape mainly to stop any sharp bits of wire touching the children, but also it looks nicer and I have loads left over from making flower hair garlands.

    wire sock beads

    We literally tied the ribbon etc … onto the wire circle. It is that easy! You can add as little or as much as you like! I'm quite tempted to add some bells on ribbon too! *jingle* They looks so pretty swaying gently in the breeze *sigh and then the rain hits*

    decorative garden craft