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  1. bostik jungle

    Megan has been talking about pop art at school, so when June's Bostik Bloggers box arrived with a canvas inside I knew I wanted to incorporate this genre. The theme was jungle, as we had lots of orange and yellow tissue paper and feathers we choose a lion as our starting point.

     lion template

    The idea was to draw a lion head onto the canvas and spilt it between the two of us. We found a lion head that was symmetrical and we both liked which I printed out.

    Megan coloured the back in with a HB pencil. I then drew over the lion so it transferred onto the canvas. This process is simple and effective and all the children were in awe!

    lion collage bostik

    I let Megan do her half of the canvas first. I knew she would be easily swayed by anything I did so giving her the blank canvas so to speak meant she was able to let her imagination run wild.  As Megan had gone with a 3D collage method I decided to use pencil crayons and layer up the colours to create a textured look.   

    lion canvas

    I'm really pleased with how it turned out and I love the mixture of mediums.  It was great fun to work with Megan on a project too. 




    Disclaimer: We have been provided with these materials for the purpose of this post from Tots100/Bostik Bloggers 2016

  2. Today I am the DIY queen! Hear me roooaarr! As much as I love Daddy Moo DIY is not his strong point (yes the kitchen remodelling is still not completed only 18 months in *sigh*) For his birthday Charlie received a remote controlled moon light, which he wanted so he could use it as a reading light. Daddy Moo also framed a collection of space themed stamps and all in all we had to move some bits and pieces around (which is code for move some bits leave some bits for later!). A few weeks ago Liberty Trading asked if Charlie would like to review something from their children's collection and hot off the Marvel marathon followed by cinema trip to see Civil War I knew he would LOVE the Hulk Fist 3D Deco Wall Light. So now Charlie had a pile of items on the floor needing to be put up. Armed with a screwdriver and a pencil (DIY people always have pencils!) I set to work.

    hulk hand decal

    As Hulk's fist needs to be manually shut off it needed to be low enough for Charlie but not at an awkward angle for us adults seeing as he's in a high sleeper. The wall decal has the holes marked on it so my first job was to get this on the wall. I wish I had left it lying flat for a few days prior as it was a little tricky and there is a fold line down one section. Once the fist was up this was less obvious and I'm sure Moo won't even notice! (just me being picky!) I decided to use one of the screw holes from that was already there so it was a case of lining this up to begin with. The decal was easy to put up the instructions were really clear.

    hulk fist wall light

    How awesome does that look!

    Before I removed the backing I added the screws, so as not to tear or damage the decal, this was actually really easy. Just remember to remove them before you take the backing off! Once the fist was up I decided to put the remote controlled moon in one corner and his moon photo in the other. I added a few glittery stars and voilà! Charlie already had the weather station up (Christmas pressie) and Ikea dog bum to hang his dressing gown and torch off.

    hulk hand

    I'm super pleased with how it looks (Yes I did a fist bump! Get in!) and because I wanted to take photos I ended up changing Charlie's bed sheets too! Haha! Not bad for an hours work! Priced at £31.99 the Hulk Fist 3D Deco Wall Light is great value for money and an awesome addition to any Marvel fans bedroom! I just wish Daddy Moo would let me have one! 



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