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  1. This post has taken me far longer than I intended to write! I actually finished completing this project about a week ago but am just not feeling it! It looked so much better in my head! Basically Action Storage, suppliers of lockers in the UK sent me a wooden decorate your own advent calendar house and a £20 gift voucher to make it look amazing!

    I've quite a few pots of Valspar paint so I decided to use one of those as the base colour. I wanted to go for a bit of a wishy washy look so I only painted one coat. If you wanted a more chalk paint feel you'd need a second coat. 

     advent calendar

    I literally descended on Hobbycraft with a £20 voucher and bought “stuff”. In hindsight you really need a plan or idea of what you are going to make your house/train/presents look like. I didn't even have a colour theme. It did mean once I got home I was overwhelmed with items I'd bought. I wish I'd made the house themed, either a gingerbread house or maybe even Hogwarts!

    Luckily I had Olive to “help”. I bought silver sticker numbers as well as some square character numbers too. I decided to do a mix of both as I did want the house to feel like it was a family thing rather than make it all adult pretty and ignore the kids!

    advent calendar collage

    So here is my finished article but to be honest I can see me adding to this over the holidays or even through the next few years!

    I've filled all the days except the 24th December with chocolate coins. The 24th is Daddy Moo's birthday so we used the largest door for him with a “Happy Birthday” banner. I'll pop a little birthday pressie in there. The children all have their own unique advent calendars for the morning Lego, Pony and Football themed, the chocolate coins will make a great after school treat.  

    You still have time to create your own advent calendar masterpeice to use year after year. 


  2. We've actually yet to see The Secret Life of Pets but I know already the children will love it! Megan was sent a duvet cover from Character World and here is what she thought :

    secret life pillow

    I really like the Secret Life of Pets duvet cover and cushion. I think the cushion is the most comfist in the whole wide world because it is cosy and great for movie night (maybe The Secret Life of Pets … hint hint Mummy please buy me ;) ) The problem with the duvet is if you want to turn it over so that the big picture with the character is on your stomach its a bit rough and uncomfortable. I think the pillow is superb with the birdy sitting there like “humm”. Rabbit really likes laying on the cushion cos it's cosy. (that's my special teddy who is a rabbit)

    The full printed side has soften a little in the wash I think the rough feel has to do with the printing process. I love a double sided duvet makes bedtime so much more interesting! Also means you need less covers. This Secret Life of Pets Duvet Cover is £19.85 and would make a great Christmas present.

    secret life of pets

    Fancy winning a Secret Life of Pets single duvet set for you child? Of course you do! Then fill out the rafflecopter below! 

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