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  1. When I was 17 I couldn't wait to learn to drive. After a couple of lessons I soon realised I wasn't really cut out or ready for driving. Once I hit 20 I'd soon tired of walking and buses and gave it another go the rest they say is history! Living out in a rural location I seriously couldn't live without my car. The children go to two schools outside of our village, I need a car to pretty much go anywhere.

    charlie young driver

    Admiral Young Driver has centres up and down the country providing driving skills for the under 17's. Some centres provide lessons for 5-10 year olds in a specially designed 2 seater car “firefly” using a tablet based dashboard. Our local centre Young Driver Southampton is situated in the West Quay car park on Level 15. Southampton includes a full road system comprising of one way roads and t-junctions, bends and straights, as well as a manoeuvring zone. The course is smaller one which is great for developing steering and clutch control. As Southampton caters for 10+ we booked Charlie a review session for the weekend after his 10th birthday. He literally couldn't wait.

     young driver

    There's absolutely no messing around. Charlie jumped straight in the car and was well driving. As the official car partner SKODA provides Citigo cars they are easy to operate and super cute! The programme runs through 6 Levels and each driver is provided with a “Drive Diary”. Level 1 covers things like preparing yourself and the car for driving, seats, mirrors, pre-safety checks and ultimately making the car go and stop when you want.

     young driver charlie

    Each lesson is 60 minutes long. Charlie made his way through the Lesson 1 and well quite frankly had a ball! He didn't go faster than 5mph as the lessons concentrate more on learning to use the car properly. Although he loved going down the little hill! Daddy Moo watched from the side lines but both have agreed next time he's getting in the back! I think secretly Charlie is looking forward to driving Daddy Moo around for a change! Although the age is 10yrs + there is a height restriction (1.4m) to be aware of. 

    As Charlie is only 10 and 7 years off getting a driving licence, I wouldn't be looking to book a full course of lessons. However as a birthday treat for the next few years until he is old enough to officially drive, is the perfect idea. Providing him with the opportunity to learn the mechanics of a car and how each part works has really opened his eyes. I've noticed he is much more aware, offers support in the car and now recognises how hard it is to drive especially with 3 children arguing in the back. It has made him a much better passenger. I know he can't wait for his 11th birthday drive! 


    Charlie was provided with a 60 minute lesson in order for us to write this review. 

  2. For Charlie's 10th birthday we had a mini break in Weymouth, after testing out the new facilities at Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park we made our way into town. We had a table booked at The Stable for 4:30pm and we were pretty excited about trying out somewhere new and Charlie loves a pizza.

     stable pizza view

    The Stable has 17 venues up and down the UK, I even noticed that the old Tourist Information Centre in Bournemouth is now The Stable. Looks stunning. Their Weymouth venue is located right in the heart of town looking out over the working harbour, whilst waiting for our meal we watched a boat dock, unload it's catch of the day and then 2 lorries arrive to collect it. What a treat! The view is absolutely beautiful.

    You might have already walked past The Stable in Weymouth and never have realised it's a hidden gem on two floors nestled in the wooden rafters above the Harbour Master’s office on Custom House Quay. The floor to ceiling window areas provide you with a tranquil atmosphere. I love the industrial décor too and the simplistic style. The large wooden tables filled the room and meant you were sat amongst other people also enjoying the view and pizza. I quite liked this mingling. It adds a different dynamic to your experience.

    olive at stable pizza

    The menu is quite comprehensive with plenty to choose from. The girls had a child's pizza and both went for a basic style whilst Daddy Moo had “The Big Jerk” purely I think because every time he said it Charlie creased with laughter (it's one of his favourite lines in Home Alone). Randomly I opted for the lamb roast which doesn't really sound like a pizza topping but it was so nice! I'd never have thought to put sweet potatoes on a pizza. Charlie played it safe with a Hawaian style pizza. All 3 pizza's were amazing. We even watched the guys making and cooking them. 

    stable pizza

    Charlie (10) I liked the pizza board and liked having my own pizza cutter.

    Mummy and Daddy had a different pizza to me so we could share. I liked them all and I made sure we ate everything! *Charlie code for I hovered everything up*

    Megan (8) I really liked the names of the pizza. Like Big Jerk and West Country Piglet. Hehe!

    The children not tired from their pizza also had a Nutella pizza pudding which was a pizza based covered in chocolate and masrcapone.The food and service was amazing but we did somehow end up waiting well over half an hour from ordering our puddings to them arriving and were glad of the stunning view and children's colouring in.

    The Stable are really into Cider too! Which is a favourite tipple of Daddy Moo's. Ian the manager asked him to partake in the tasting sample board of their best sellers. A sample board retails at £7.50 and contains 5 1/3 pints of cider. It's a really great ay to try out different varieties in cider. Daddy Moo helped to select a few as he was keen to try local ones and also those artisan ones (I don't know the proper term but I don't like them they remind me of TCP. Daddy Moo says that's because my taste budshave been ruined by cheap gassy ciders. Get him the cider expert!) I had a taste of them all but as I was driving Daddy Moo was left to man up and drink the lot! If you are going out for a meal with your significant other then I'd recommend the sample board it's great for sharing and a real conversation starter. 

    If you spot The Stable in your local area and like pizza and cider then it's really somewhere you can't afford to miss!