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  1. Charlie has many interests from animals and wildlife to space and stars and of course regular followers will know he is sport crazy too. Back in March he turned 10! How on earth did that happen! We really wanted his gifts to signify what an important milestone 10 was. His main present was a TV. We currently own one small TV in the living room so having one of his very own is his bedroom was a right of passage and a HUGE deal in our house.

    Buying a Star-Name Registry is the perfect gift for someone who is either hard to buy for, has everything or loves space. The order process is really simple and there is plenty of opportunity to make your purchase unique to each person. Choose your own star name, constellation, memorable date and personal message. We chose to name the star after Charlie and his birthday date so he'd always remember it was a 10th birthday gift. The constellation was harder to decide but in the end we opted for Ophiuchus or Serpent-Bearer as it seemed perfect for our wildlife boy. Instead of a personal message ie “Happy 10th Birthday Charlie” we went for a quote “Shoot for the moon even if you miss you'll land among the stars". I just felt it had more meaning and significance. 

     charlie star deed

    Charlie's star-registry arrived in a beautiful silver colored box, the framed deed sat on a bed of blue tissue paper and two wooden blue roses (which his sisters soon nabbed!) There is also some information including a The Sky Atlas whereby you can see all the constellations in relation to each other.

    Star-Name Registry also have a section where you pop in your reference details and it tells you the name of the star and co-ordinates. You can also click on the google image and voila view your star!

    charlies star

    Very cool. What I love about this is each star is unique and individual. The company is not duplicating it's stars, Charlie's star is owned only be him. Charlie is desperate to find someone who can find it on a real telescope.

    A star really does make a great gift the packages range from Standard £14.99 to a Binary Gift Pack (with two stars ) £69.99 so something to suit everyone's budget.

  2. I am a big fan of Hotter shoes and own quite a few pairs (both reviews and purchases) so I think it's fair to say I get Hotter. Not only are they super comfy but they are stylish too. I know when I mention to people Hotter they still think old lady slippers but really there is something to suit everyone in store. I was invited to celebrate Hotter's Bournemouth Store's 10th Anniversary by launching myself of Bournemouth PierZip, as you do, in a pair of Hotter active wear shoes.The PierZip is the world’s first pier to shore zip wire, 250 metre dual zip wire.

     bournemouth pierzip

    I've been eyeing up Mabel Shoes in floral for a while now so I must admit I literally bit their hand off. We were booked to go away for the weekend in March for Charlie's 10th birthday so I was uber excited when my shoes arrived! They were perfect for strolling along the beach and a lovely light shoe really does make you feel like the summer is on it's way! Let the good times roll. My feet were more than happy to be out of socks and winter boots. Even the summer pumps have the cushion, breathable inner soles you come to expect from Hotter. Although they are the higher end of the price bracket (£45) you seriously get what you pay for. I've been living in the Mabel pumps since I got them as they are so freaking comfy. And whereby a cheaper shoe maybe falling to pieces as it doesn't cope well with continued use mine still look amazing (maybe a little grubby from scootering to Moors Valley quite a few times!).

    mabel hotter

    I took Charlie along for the zip wire experience and immediately regretted it! He was so excited then he got half way up the stairs, which to be fair are in a spiral and you don't feel at all safe! (Well I didn't) I was keen at the top to get off and rescue Charlie, so I didn't get any photos or anything! Here's a blurry still from the video Hotter made which you can view on You Tube


    Once I found Charlie he was keen to try again. He got to the top and clipped in and nearly went off the side 3 times before giving into the fear. I was so willing him over. At this point though he was totally stressed out, I was stressed out and we decided to call quit on the experience and go home. It's such a hard situation to be in as I know he would have loved it but he was pretty terrified. The next day he was gutted still, it was really hard for him to deal with his emotions. We have since talked a lot about facing your fears and realising the only person who holds you back in life is yourself. I'm hoping that he will give it ago another time.

    hotter mabel floral

    But meanwhile Mabel and I are still enjoying the sunshine.