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  1. It's been about 16 months since we started completing the Moors Valley Ranger challenges, which is a collection of 40 challenges. Some are based upon Moors Valley itself; name 3 steam trains, high five a ranger which are super easy to do and get you started. Others about nature such as pond dipping, feed the birds etc and then a selection of 9 nature creative based tasks. You need photographic evidence and you can do the challenges anywhere not just at Moors Valley. We literally have 10 challenges left to complete 6 of them creative. 

    high 5 a ranger moors valley

    We have such a super wild garden, full of huge buddleia and over growing willow, when the last leaf drops Daddy Moo has a massacre session and cuts the whole lot back in preparation for the next year. Which gave me an idea! Based upon when we made willow fish at The Red House Museum and the creative wand activity as one of the challenges.willow fish

    This is super easy and is a really calming activity to do whilst watching a movie together. If you dont have a tree that needs pruning venture off for a woodland/forest walk. The sticks don't need to be very long mine were around 15cm. It doesn't matter if they are the same length either.

    What you need :

    • Sticks

    • Scissors

    • String

    • Wool

    • Tulle

    I basically emptied the arts and crafts cupboard for scraps and used the tulle from a too small homemade Elsa dress.

    How to make a wood star :

    1. Each star needs 6 sticks of a similar length

    2. Tie two sticks together with string or wool (you can use hot glue too but I found wool just as effective)wooden stars

    3. Tie a third stick so you have created a triangle. wooden triangle star

    4. Make a second triangle.

    5. Tie these two triangles together. wooden star finished

    6. Using wool, tulle, string etc … weave in and out of all the sticks. weaving wooden stars

    7. Do this until you are happy with the end project.

    Megan can get upset when things are “perfect” so craft activities that evolve and develop work well with her. I also love things like this where everyone's looks so unique and individual. You can wrap as much or as little around as you like. You can add long lengths hanging down to create a fairy wand or you can even add a string loop to make a rustic star decoration perfect for Christmas. Now I've mentioned the C word you could add a little tinsel too.

    wooden star wand

    I'm looking forward to taking these creations along to get our ranger stamp.