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  1. Is it even a celebration without cake?

    Short answer, no of course it's not!

    Sadly I don't live close enough to my brother and parents to enjoy a slice of cake with them on their special occasions, but this year I didn't want them to miss out.

    bakerdays is an excellent way to send cake in the post. When I first told my mum I was sending my brother a birthday cake which fits through the letterbox she was blown away. She couldn't work out how this would happen and was convinced to get through the letterbox there would be a compromise on taste. So we sent her an anniversary cake too.


    bakerdays is such an easy site to use and there is plenty of options not only in terms of design but also flavour. The cakes are securely packaged inside a protective cake tin, within the letterbox sized box, meaning they survive the fall from box to floor. As the cake doesn't require a signature, the postie can pop it through the letterbox meaning you won't miss your treat AND bakerdays is able to offer free delivery too!

    I selected a personalised birthday cake for my brother. If I was ever to be a 33 year old man (which isn't likely) I know for a fact I'd want a cake embellished with an image of my 6 year old self dressed as a pirate, so like any good older, wiser sister that's exactly what I selected. For this cake I went with a lemon drizzle.David Cake

    For my parents anniversary cake (which I sent a day early! #mybad) I enrolled Megan in a long drawn out story about a textile project whereby she needed a photo of a wedding dress and as both her parents (that's me) and her best friends were from those more modern, quirky, non married families she therefore didn't have any photos to hand. Like any good grandparent Nanny Moo sent her some corkers over! For this cake I decided to opt for the fruit cake as I'm pretty sure that would have been the cake my parents had at their wedding.anniversary cake

    The photos don't do the cake justice! (I really need to enrol them on a blog friendly photography course!) I'm very happy to report though that both family members loved their cakes, and no, nobody saved me any! If you'd like to experience a bakerdays letterbox cake (and let's face it who wouldn't) then I've a cheeky 15% discount code for you : JOANNEDEWBERRY15 (expires 31st July 2018)

  2. Megan loves pizza, reading and drawing and it's not often she gets the opportunity to combine all three in one activity. To celebrate the launch of Pizza Express’s partnership with Puffin Books, Mumsnet invited us over to The Old Post Office Road, Bournemouth restaurant to see what we thought to the Piccolo Kid’s menu and take part in their Piccolo Story Explorer activities. As a special launch activity we were greeted by Tim Budgen who was busily sketching animals eating pizza!Pizza Express Story Explorers

    Olive asked for a tortoise, Megan a rabbit and Charlie a wolf, their favourite animals. I love how Tim managed to capture a little bit of each child's imagination and personality down to rabbit wearing dungarees which of course Megan's very own rabbit can be seen wearing daily. Megan was quick to devour every hint and tip that Tim shared with her, watching his hands intently as he created each child a unique drawing.megan and tim

    The Story Explorers booklet has a great step by step to create Grey Huffley, Diary Of A Wimpy Kid which Megan was all over, she's also mastered Nick Sharrat's style (he illustrates Jacqueline Wilson's Books, think Tracey Beaker and Hetty Feather) I've never seen them all so quiet feasting on a starter of dough balls and vegetable crudités whilst express tim budgen

    This is Olive demostrating the face a tortoise makes!

    The children opted for black outlined sketches that they could then colour themselves, now I really had to keep from interfering here as adults we can like things to be perfect which is stifling and catastrophic for creatives. So letting them run wild on these drawings created especially for them did scare me but it's all part of the children imercing themselves in the creative experence. Olive even started borrowing Tim's pens! Tim was great with the children and had we not finished our lunches I'm sure we could have stayed all day watching him draw.olive drawing pizzaexpressThe Piccolo Menu had a varied selection to choose from, I like that the menu catered for fusspost like Olive who is more than happy with a plain cheese but also added a few “posh” ingredients like black olives making it less of children's menu for Megan, who likes a selection of toppings. For a 3 course meal of starter, mains and dessert including a Bambinoccino, it only cost £6.95 per express kids menu

    Activity packs have become an expected staple when it comes to taking children out for a meal, but they can be hard to balance a variety of ages, using much loved Puffin Book characters and handy drawing tips, spot the difference and Olive's personal favourite word searches, there was plenty to keep everyone interested. Stress free dining and delicious pizza what more could you want!  pizzaexpress brownie